Funsol Solitaire Gold

Funsol Solitaire Gold 9.1

Funsol Solitaire Gold contains six hundred variants of solitaire games
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Funsol Solitaire Gold is a set of six hundred variants of solitaire games. In the first screen of the game, you can choose the category of the solitaire game that you want to play. The program will open that category and show information about each game, such as the needed skill level to win it, the estimated completion time, the chance of winning and the amount of decks. The Advanced Game Select will allow the player to choose games based on any combination of these parameters. It is also possible to select a game by giving an exact Deal Number - this option allows the user to write down the number of a specific game, in order to be able to replay it later.

The users can create a Player name. Under that name, the game will store the statistics of the games played by that user. The player can choose between nine table backs and four table tops. The cards´ face and back can also be customized. The program will autoplay if you press the right mouse button on a card. During the game, you can undo or redo an unlimited amount of moves.

You can use the trial version of this game for seven days or twenty uses, whatever happens first.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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